One of the Osantowski Trials Starts

Teen says cops threatened him:

One of Andrew Osantowski’s trials started today. This one for an alleged break-in at a gun store. Osantowski himself is claiming that the videotaped confession was coerced by police…

“He (the interrogating officer) was threatening me. First of all, he was sitting like an inch away from my face and pointing at me,” Osantowski testified in a pretrial hearing to determine whether his statements to police were voluntary and admissible. “Then he threatened that they would tear down my whole house, and said things like ‘No one would pay for it (the damage) either,’ or whatever.”

Osantowski, who was at times flippant or challenging to prosecutors during questioning Tuesday, indicated in court that Clinton Township police Lt. Bruce Wade of the detective bureau advised him in a hallway or another room, shortly before the videotaped interview began, that he would suffer severely in the court system if he didn’t cooperate.

I wouldn’t worry too much about it though. On one of his websites that have since been removed. Osantowski brags about several break-ins he did at schools and private properties. I wouldn’t doubt it if he documented his break-in at the gun store.

Defense attorney/comedian Brian Legghio seems like he’s throwing everything against the wall in the hopes that something sticks. So far the walls have been Teflon.

One thought on “One of the Osantowski Trials Starts”

  1. Oh no! They didn’t! Those horrible, evil, mean policemen actually POINTED at him?There should be disciplinary action. There should be fines. Heads should roll.After all, this idiot only robbed a gun store, right?When I hear things like this, I really, really want to be a judge…


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