Request from a mutant

I got an e-mail today from the webmaster whose site I got the quotes from for both Birthdays in Hell entries which can be found here and here. Here is the e-mail in most of its entirety…

Hello Trench,

My name is Chris and i’m the owner of (URL of mutant website).
I received a note that you posted some text of my homepage:

You didn’t ask for my permission to post whats on my website.
I am copyrighted so therefore you must delete what youve taken from my website.

Please put this stuff you copy off

Thank you


First off I wonder which mutant sent him a note. Like I need to ask. WMD.

Anyway, as to your request, um…


Why should I? Are you ashamed of your own content? You should be.

So your site is copyrighted. So what? So is mine. That doesn’t stop a certain mutant from posting excerpts of my site in the mutant message boards. You don’t see me whining about it.

You want me to take excerpts from your site off my site which you didn’t even write? Then do something about it.

Until then grow a set.

18 thoughts on “Request from a mutant”

  1. Heh heh…you tell ’em Trench. I just love reading this crap from America’s angst ridden youth. They are all going to end up working for my little girl…if they ever decide to pull their heads outta their asses long enough to realize that bumming quarters and having back alley sex for big-macs isn’t really isn’t a nice way to make a living. Get over the fact that you couldn’t get a date in high school and realize that high school is a small small fraction of your life and get on with it


  2. ZappaCrappa, I agree with you mostly, but are you advocating that high school outcasts aren’t allowed to feel frustration at their predicament?

    And Trench, glas to see your off hiatus. 😉


  3. Hello its me again, Chris…
    i know you have a lot of problems with the columbine thing and with the media in 1999, but its not legal to copy from other homepages without a permission. Or don’t link the source…
    i know you don’t care about, what i say or not … and i don’t care what you think about me or other ppl.

    just want to say it isn’t in my mind to post stuff of my homepage on your, and make fun of ppl. Thank you to post my email and don’t reply to me.

    But if you feel happier …

    (sorry for my bad english)



  4. Everything goes until and unless it hurts you… where have I heard that before? 🙄

    And Fair Use certainly applies here. He posted only excerpts from your site, not its entirety, and he didn’t try taking credit for it. In fact, I’m relatively certain he’d prefer to gouge his eyes and eardrums out with a rusty poker than take credit for it. Well, maybe. He didn’t link because the last thing the world needs is more links to your site.

    End of story.


  5. Chris,

    Sie sind ein embarassment zu den deutschen Leuten. Diese nur Futter sind in die Idee die Deutsch Mörder hinein. Wir wissen beide, daß dies falsch ist, aber machende Idole der Mörder wie Kliebold macht nur dies stabiler. Denken Sie an dies.

    (apologies for the schlecht Deutsch)



  6. Morpheus…Trench pretty much has it right. And no…it’s fine to feel frustration at their predicament. It’s not fine to shoot/kill or advocate shooting or killing over teasing. It’s life….get used to it and get over it. When you get older and actually have a choice, just don’t associate with idiots that do that sort of thing. And as I stated and Trench reiterated….High School is a VERY VERY small part of your life….4 years for most of us:lol: After that…who really cares? Most of what I did or didn’t do or whatever happened to me in High School has had NO….0…..NADA….ZILCH bearing on the 25 years after.

    And just between you and me Morpheus….(and I’m not saying this is you at all but a general statement) when kids go around thinking they are vampires and dressing like them, worship satan, and are infatuated with mass death and being the catalyst for mass death, and just generally act weird, they are going to catch some flack


  7. Guys i don’t talk about what is happen, i just say its my copyright and i don’t allow anybody to copy it and use somewhere else… i don’t know what you don’t understand?

    We all know that this Event wasn’t good in any way and we just have to learn about it. And try to make this society better for everybody.



  8. your an idiot Chris… Your copyright on your site does not pertain to the context you don’t personally author, not to mention that fact that Trench made it clear that the information he copied was from your site.
    You see… it is not illegal to quote a copyrighted material, and it is not legal to copyright another author’s material with first expressed permission. example… what I just said here does not belong to Trench
    If Trench took your readers material and claimed he himself wrote it then maybe you would have an argument, but in the time I spent here he has NEVER plagiarized anyone’s work.

    If you don’t like attention being brought to your sick fucking site, close it down. that would be the best decision you made all day.


  9. Though my wardrobe does tend to have funeral tones, I didn’t really act like a vampire, nor did I worship Satan. People made fun of me for my mental issues, and the fact that I didn’t like very many people, and the fact that I wasn’t athletic, and the fact that I couldn’t get many (read: any) girls. And yeah, if you read what I say on the site, I’m not an advocate of mass murder.

    And Trench, would it kill you to make the security codes easier to read? 😛


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