Florida teen asaulted by man she met over MyYearbook

Delray Beach man, 23, charged with sexually assaulting Jupiter girl, 13:

23-year-old Jarrod Oliver White of Delray Beach, Florida has been arrested in the sexual assault of a 13-year-old girl he met over MyYearbook.

Based on just my anecdotal evidence it seems that MyYearbook is starting to become the new predator playground. But I digress…

According to reports White allegedly pressured the 13-year-old girl into meeting him. The girl had also arranged a meeting with another guy, age unknown, at the same place and same time. The girl snuck out of her house at 1am to meet both of them. An argument ensued between the two males which resulted in the other male leaving. That’s when White allegedly sexually assaulted the girl.

If you ever wanted to know what kind of 23-year-old man wants a 13-year-old girl just take a look at his ‘DB’ish MySpace profile picture and you’ll see.

16 thoughts on “Florida teen asaulted by man she met over MyYearbook”

  1. did anybody ever stop to think that she told him she was 18 years old, blame her parents for not monitoring their child, why is she sneaking out in the middle of the night to meet up with two grown men??? why don’t you try and collect all the evidence before being accusatory… innocent until proven guilty right?


  2. Wow, Ashleigh must be new around here. This guy is a pervert like all the rest reported on this site. I’m sure she did tell him she was 18 and I’m sure he was glad to pretend he believed it.


  3. She’s specifically searching for Jarrod White. She and her buddies have been hanging out at my site spewing the same defensive junk for the last couple of days.

    Ashleigh, it’s not our job to collect the evidence, most of us just report on the evidence already recovered by law enforcement.


  4. This is as much her fault as it is his. Why are 13 year olds meeting people from the internet? Where are the parents? Why don’t MyYearBook have age limits? Why not just say no 13 year olds are allowed to use social networking sites by law?

    The politicians are going to have a field day with this, they will use it as an excuse to pass more censorship laws and attack the internet. The result is that the internet will be censored and less private for all, just because of the combination of these predators, the lack of parenting skills, and 13 year olds with no common sense.

    If you are under 18 you shouldn’t be meeting anyone from the internet, nevermind meeting them at 1 AM! Thats just asking for trouble, 13 year olds should be in the house asleep at 1 AM.


  5. To GregS

    by definition 13 year olds are children – you are essentially saying that a 13 year old has the same logic and decision making skills as an adult….umm hello?? a child has not yet fully developed the skills to interact properly in adult society – it is the adults responsibility to act appropriately because children don’t know any better. Would you have the same blame if it was a 10 year old…a 9 year old…how about if it were your daughter?


  6. Funny, your singing a different song on your other site, the last word i have for you is libel and i cant wait till we take all your waffle house salary for it.


  7. I can’t believe how everyone is being so judgmental when they don’t even have Jarrods side of the story.. he is innocent until proven guilty.. i completely agree with ashleigh!!!


  8. Kristy no I don’t expect them to be as logical as an adult, but if they aren’t logical enough to not meet complete strangers from the internet, then they should not be using the internet.

    I discovered the internet at 14, I didn’t gain complete access until 15, and one of the first things my parents and all the adults warned me about was to not meet anyone from the internet, and not to give out my real name.

    I’m not blaming the 13 year old completely for this, I’m saying at 13 they should have some level of responsibility, else they should not be allowed to use social networking sites or have complete access to the internet. The parents should take the blame, this is primarily a parenting problem.

    The guys who meet 13 year olds aren’t innocent either, but in a situation such as this one here the 13 year old clearly was disobeying her parents, and sneaking out at 1:00AM, we cannot pin 100% of the blame on anybody. Each individual involved knew what they were doing and decided to adopt extremely risky behavior.

    It’s 2009, it should be mandatory to conduct a backround check on anyone you meet from the internet. The time where you could naively meet strangers from the internet is over. When I discovered the internet in the mid-90s the world wide web was completely different. The average IQ seemed to be a lot higher, it literally seemed to be a place run and filled with nerds, now the internet is completely different. Everybody is on the net now so all the crazies have access.

    I feel sorry for girls or boys who meet people and get abused, but we have to encourage people to have common sense. Meeting an adult at 1:00AM alone on a beach shows a complete lack of common sense, even for a 13 year old.


  9. bwahaha.

    I think they think we are one and the same. Sorry ladies, while I do have a cool hat too I’m not nearly as eloquent or nice as Mr Reynolds 🙂

    Steph, if Jarrod wants to give his side of the story I’ll post that at my site as well. Oh that’s right, he’s still in jail. Well, never mind then.


  10. Like I always say, if I had a nickel for every person who comes here defending these pervs w/that old “she said she was 18” excuse…oh, and what grounds do White’s “GFs” have for a lawsuit, hurt feelings? LOL


  11. News flash: this is a crime blog. If you wanna get support for your buddy Jarrod, maybe you can get in touch w/Gary Glitter and R. Kelly…given their own run-ins w/the law, maybe they can do a benefit concert for a fellow statutory rapist! LOL


  12. Update from Shadowscope.com:

    “White is out on bail. A motion was made to set bond back on March 17th, which was granted. Bond was set at $50,000. He is not allowed to have contact with the victim or her family, have no contact with any other minors, surrender his passport if he has one, have no use of computers or texting, be monitored by the Palm Beach Sheriff’s Office and he has a 9pm curfew.

    The case was set on July 23rd but on the 23rd he waived a speedy trial and the case was reset for a calendar call which looks like it’s going to be next Friday, August 28th. You can find the case schedule at the Palm Beach Clerk and Comptroller web site.”


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