Des Moines police arrest Backpage lady-trafficker

Maria Jansen
Maria Jansen

Police Arrest Alleged Prostitution Ringleader:

Des Moines police arrest alleged ringleader of prostitution ring:

Police in Des Moines, Iowa have arrested 25-year-old Maria Jansen for allegedly running a prostitution ring on the Village Voice Media-owned

As I’m sure you can guess the twist in this story is that police have arrested an alleged female trafficker. It’s a rare occurrence on this site but it does happen. While female traffickers may be a different stripe of pimp we should refer to them as pimps and not the more romanticized term of madam. They still use similar tactics that are employed by their male counterparts…

“We identified a person who preys on people who are at a bad time in their life,” said Sgt. Chris Scott. “It might be financial issues, it could be other issues and they’re on the edge.”

Just like male pimps, female pimps will take advantage of someone’s downfall to sell them into sexual slavery.

Jansen is looking at 15 years behind bars if convicted. Unfortunately due to her gender, she would probably serve even less time than the males of her criminal ilk do.

Meanwhile, Backpage just continues to count their money they make off of sexual slavery.

4 thoughts on “Des Moines police arrest Backpage lady-trafficker”

  1. Backpage is helping to put an end to sexual slavery, and at the same time providing ads for consensual adult sex workers who want to be there. Learn to support this company for its dual efforts in helping law enforcement stop the slavery once and for all while enabling sex workers who want to work to do so.


  2. Trenchreynolds:

    My “crappy ebook” is getting rave reviews that you can check out at my book site at  Read before you Tweet.

    I don’t need to suck up to Backpage. I simply believe that more monsters will be caught if Backpage remains up and running for escort ads.


    1. Who are the rave reviews from? The Village Voice and other alt-weeklies that promote human trafficking? 

      I believe more monsters will be created if Backpage remains up and running. 


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