We get letters: What’s the legal responsibility of molested children?


I received the following e-mail about one of the many craigslist pedos that I’ve featured on the site. It starts out innocently enough then takes a wide left turn on logic…

I happened to be reading your lively updates about Craig’s List rapists, molesters, etc and etal – all very interesting and your comments seem insightful, well thought out and cleanly written up – compelling and I do agree with much of what you say – actually, nearly all of it. I did, however, run across some older posts re: a Craig’s List sex solicitor who I actually have some info, actually detailed info about that brings a much different light to what has previously been printed or posted online in newspaper or news info sites.

I actually have seen the complete email transcripts posted as evidence by the police and DA who is prosecuting the case.

Now, what actually happened with the defendant, Attorney and former teacher, was that he clearly stated that he was looking for 20+ something year old female for personal, intimate relationship and what he received was a saucy, sexed up little nymphette with quite a potty mouth and not even much more than a tween in hot pursuit of him. She was contacting him because she wanted to offer up sex, claimed to need a “hard pussy pounding” and money for some sort of electronic device – an XBox, or iPad or something. Now, reading the exchange, he dropped it several times with her and she get hounding him with such overt, colorfully descriptive words of what she “needed” and wanted to “do” – then eventually noted that she wanted money for the sex – claiming that she was repressed at home, was going to flee the house and that she had really messed up things and was simply planning on dropping out of school after running away. Even described how she had already been “f*******” hard and good in her past, most recent relationship when the poster of the ad on Craig’s List had backed off on one occasion stating that he wasn’t so sure about the situation and noted comfortableness with her pursuit.

Of course, why would ANYBODY respond to such a whacked out little girl – I think that most would agree. I would have NEVER even responded, but the defendant claimed that he thought that the person was not being honest about age since the level of descriptives used by the nymphette did actually sound like somebody who was actually much older and simply trying to pull some weird sorta stunt re: her true and seemingly much older age.

If interested, I can send you excerpts of the email correspondence btwn the two. It is a matter of record and I just happened to come across it this past week while working (legal research).

What I’d like to hear about from you; the legal responsibility for young adults who are attempting to prostitute themselves out and their lax parents who fail to monitor such ill behaved children…

In this instance, the young woman actually noted that she wanted money for services rendered and the defendant, again, attempted to politely and (seemingly) kindly or politely tried to dump her, back away by failing to respond, ignore and then, when she kept pursuing with heated pressure, he did question her motives in an attempt to diffuse the situation. He even noted that what she was suggesting was unethical and illegal and not really something that he could go through with. So, where is the punishment for the hooker with the hard core, heavily pursuing, pushy sales techniques on the passerby who just happened to unwittingly walk on the wrong side of the street on the wrong day; the day that said desperate prostitute just happened to be hanging out on the path that caused the chance meeting? Why is it that this young prostitute and her parents are not, too, being pursued by the legal system since she was the instigator and person who continually pursued even after the defendant had attempted a polite dismissal by ignoring her deluge of emails?

And I am NOT saying that what the defendant did was right. Even though the nymphette did seem much older and it did seem as if she was lying – personally, I wouldn’t have wanted to be involved in anything with anybody who appeared not on the up and up right from the beginning. What about children WHO ARE SOLICITATING and offering sex online? What about their parents who are obviously failing to reign in such budding degenerates?

Just adding another side and viewpoint to this particular story and I can back it up with the actual facts as available via court docs, if you are interested.

Oh, also, the offer for money that the defendant was making was not for sex, actually. It was for a separate and different ad posted on Craig’s List based on what has been available in doc’s from courthouse.

It is actually a fairly sad story that all too many people hitting those middle years (their late 40’s-50’s) and, from my understanding, the one post re: “college girls” and “$$$” was for somebody to kick about town and go to concerts with since the defendant’s homelife and personal home relationship had evolved into 20’s years of nothing but work and bringing home a paycheck to a wife who preferred to knit and watch TV for the last 20 of the 30 years of their marriage.

I actually know a person who does such work and makes a very handsome living at doing it – really enjoying spending time with men who are strictly paying for her witty conversation and her presence when they need to attend a function and must have a date. No sex involved, either. From my understanding via docs and testimony in case, the one ad was this type of companionship – wanting somebody to go to the occasional concert with when he couldn’t get wifey to pry her complacent a** outta the chair for the past 20 years.

I wouldn’t have done such a thing, and maybe my sympathies are lying more on the defendant’s side of the incident after running across the detailed court docs this past week. Damn these blah 40’s that I am currently surviving through at this time! And, although I would go alone to functions and do enjoy my freedom and lack of obligations that so many men feel when they are strapped into a marriage that has become stifling and monotonous – I cherish my freedom and enjoy my alone time and the ability to go to functions and to be on my own – that lack of commitment to a partner/wife!

I do, however, feel bad for any person, man or woman, who are strapped and stuck in a partnership that is clearly drowning one or both of the people in the couple. Additionally, I do see how we, as a society, are failing youth when we paint them as victims rather than making them face the realities of their actions and forcing both the young adult and the parent to take FULL and COMPLETE responsibility for the kid’s actions – and we paint them as unwitting victims when, in so many instances, the young person is the pursuer and fully aware of the implications of the actions that they are taking.

We, as a society, are doing neither the child nor their negligent parent(s) any favors when we ignore their actions and misdeeds and simply paint them as a victim and actually defend them with no regard for how they played a full and active part in matters that are illegal, immoral, etc…

Thanks again for your site and the “wall of shame” that you have posted on your site. The crap that you dig up on Craig’s List is truly amazing! Off to read about the man who attempted to hire somebody to rape his wife utilizing Craig’s List. Over and out!

I purposely removed the suspect’s name from the e-mail, so he doesn’t garner any sympathy from an unwitting public.

In my mild-mannered day job, I’ve worked in medical customer service for the past 25 years. From health insurance claims to annual benefit enrollments to medical billing. I’ve heard just about every excuse people try to use to beat the system, so you’ll have to excuse me when I say I recognize bullshit when I see it.

You can blow as much sunshine up my ass as it could possibly handle, but my ego is strong enough for me to recognize the old “these little girls are sluts” argument. Use as many words and claim to have as much inside information as you want it doesn’t change the fact that the suspect allegedly preyed upon a 13-year-old girl on craigslist. It doesn’t matter what she said the police obviously found enough evidence to press charges against him for child solicitation. The reason that there is an age of consent is that adults are supposed to know better but obviously your friend didn’t. The tales you tell of him thinking that she was actually older are so much crap. If your friend is so smart he would have had the common sense, or at least decency, to stay away from anyone claiming to be a 13-year-old girl. And spare me the story about how he was only looking for ‘companionship’ when one of his ads stated “Dominant handsome professor for naughty young student” And when you say ‘what about their parents’ it was this girl’s parents who discovered what was going on and called the cops on your friend.

No matter how you try to spin it the children in these stories are victims. As someone who supposedly works in the legal field, you already know this.

Thanks to Dodia Fae for the assist.

4 thoughts on “We get letters: What’s the legal responsibility of molested children?”

  1. Of course, the poor innocent lamb just had no choice but to continue emailing an apparently deranged and seriously troubled child. I also loved the story about the 40 somethings who are just “forced” to hire young women for “witty conversation” because their wives had the unmitigated gall to age. Notice how when a man feels old and restless it’s always his wife’s fault. I think one of the biggest problems we have now is people become adults but they don’t grow up. Avoiding unpleasant realities and blaming others is not the way grown men and women behave.


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