Perry Hall High gunman pleads guilty

 Robert Wayne Gladden Jr.
Robert Wayne Gladden Jr.

Gladden pleads guilty in shooting at Perry Hall High:

It seems that I posted the story about Robert Wayne Gladden Jr. being tried as an adult just in time because today he pleaded guilty to charges of attempted murder and using a firearm in a violent crime. Under the plea deal the 15-year-old Gladden is looking at a maximum of 40 years behind bars. If he had gone to trial and was convicted he would have faced a life sentence.

Here’s another interesting tidbit that really needs attention. In recorded jailhouse conversations with his family, Gladden not only admits that he was not bullied, but he takes offense to it.

“They keep saying that I was bullied,” he told his father. “It makes me mad. I wasn’t bullied at all.”

Of course that part of the story won’t get a lot of play because most media outlets automatically go for the bullying defense when one of these shootings occurs. It’s more important to get ratings and pageviews than actually reporting the truth or educating the public.

Gladden is scheduled to be sentenced next week.

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