Kenny Bartley arrested again, and he’s out again

Kenny Bartley arrested again, and he's out again
Kenny Bartley

Last week I posted how an arrest warrant had been issued for Kenny Bartley. Bartley was once convicted of the 2005 shooting and killing of Principal Ken Bruce at Campbell County High School in Tennessee. In 2014, that conviction was overturned and Bartley was convicted on the lesser charge of reckless homicide. He was sentenced to time served, given a pat on the head and let loose. Since that time he’s been in and out of jail for various reasons and a child died while in his care.

Earlier, this week Bartley was arrested and pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor offense for criminal trespassing for breaking into a Knoxville Salvation Army office. His sentence once again? You guessed it. Time served.

Bartley pleaded guilty and was sentenced to 30 days in jail, suspending all but the time he has currently served.

I thought surely they didn’t let Bartley walk again. They did, and don’t call me Shirley. According to the Knox County Sheriff’s Office, Bartley is currently not a resident of their jail.

This guy gets more breaks than a Kit-Kat bar. How many more will he get before he hurts someone else?

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