Pair charged in Armslist murder of Florida couple

Pair charged in Armslist murder of Florida couple

In April of 2018, Serafin and Deanna Lorenzo were found shot to death in an Estero, Florida office park. The couple reportedly went there to purchase a firearm from someone who claimed to be selling one off of Armslist. Armslist has been referred to as the craigslist of guns and it courts controversy because Armslist falls under the gun show loophole which means that under current federal law,  private gun sellers are not required to conduct background checks. This has allowed an untold number of guns to end up in the hands of criminals.

This has also led to a number of murders by people who purchased their guns from Armslist who had previously been banned from owning guns for legal reasons. However, this is not one of those murders. Instead, this was just another robbery that turned deadly. The couple were allegedly shot and killed by Craig Lang and Alex Zwiefelhofer. Lang and Zwiefelhofer are ex-military who have traveled the world fighting in various international conflicts and they have ties to extreme-right groups. Investigators say that Lang and Zwiefelhofer killed the Lorenzos to steal the $3,000 the couple was carrying in order to travel to South America and Ukraine. Zwiefelhofer was captured in Wisconsin while Lang was apprehended in Ukraine.

Normally, when people are making transactions from sites like craigslist I recommend that they make the exchange at a local police department. However, I would not recommend doing that if you’re purchasing a firearm. Not to mention that I’m sure many Armslist buyers really don’t want to attract the attention of police.

I would say that if you can’t pass a background check you have no business buying a gun in the first place, but why should you let that get in the way of your God-given right to own a manhood replacement?

Business Insider

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