Utah man racks up 13 felonies on social media

Utah man racks up 13 felonies on social media
Paul Marino Castillo

Ugh, where to begin with this one?

38-year-old Paul Marino Castillo was arrested by Layton City Police in Utah for allegedly sexually harassing people over social media. This resulted in Castillo being charged with 13 third-degree felonies.  Castillo is accused of harassing a former co-worker over Facebook Messenger and Instagram by sending her nude photos of himself and pornography in general.

Investigators then posed as a 13-year-old girl on social media to start talking with Castillo. I don’t know why investigators went straight for that angle but Castillo allegedly sent explicit images of himself to investigators. As it turns out, Castillo was allegedly sending pictures of himself to two 16-year-old girls in another city on Snapchat. Police in that city were investigating independently from Layton City police but couldn’t identify Castillo.

Police investigators described him as ‘relentless’. Geez, ya think?

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