Guy from Tik Tok shows up at 9-year-old’s house

Guy from Tik Tok shows up at 9-year-old's house
James Anthony Gonzales

36-year-old James Anthony Gonzales of Rolling Hills Estates, California was recently sentenced to almost 11 years behind bars for various child sex crimes. With a number of sex arrests already under his belt, it didn’t help when Gonzales showed up at the house of a 9-year-old girl. Gonzales tried to disguise himself as a food delivery driver. This led police to find out that Gonzales had been having explicit chats with the girl through Tik Tok.

It turns out that this wasn’t Gonzales’ first rodeo. When he was apprehended he was found to have child porn on both his phone and computer.he had also messaged over 20 minors on social media platforms such as Instagram, Snapchat, and Tik Tok. What, no Kik?

while Tik Tok might be a fun app for kids, it is still wide open to the internet. Anyone can view your kids’ videos unless you change the privacy settings. Even then, no 9-year-old should ever be on any social media platform. Tik Tok’s terms of service state that a user has to be at least 13-years of age. Even then, if it was me, I wouldn’t let kids on the app until they were older.

Again, if you don’t monitor your kid’s activity on these apps then someone else like this creep will.


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