Woman turns out niece for prostitution

Woman turns out niece for prostitution
Amber Dawn Grundy

Throw Momma From the Train up there is 39-year-old Amber Dawn Grundy from Texarkana, Arkansas. Her 17-year-old niece was allegedly involved in prostitution in Fayetteville. So Grundy brought her niece to Texarkana to help get her out of the life.

Oh, no wait, that’s not what happened at all. According to reports, Grundy allegedly let the girl post ads on Skip The Games which is one of the sites that has tried to take Backpage’s place since Backpage was seized by the feds.

Grundy is also said to have taken a portion of the money that the 17-year-old made essentially making her the girl’s pimp.

I know I’m beating a dead horse here, but this is what child trafficking actually looks like. It’s not unheard of for victims to be turned out by their own family. As a matter of fact, it’s probably more common than you think. Not to mention the fact that women are just as likely as men to be traffickers.

No word on if the suspect was born on a Monday but she does appear to have the Grundy family likeness.

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