Suspect who kept baggies of hair from teen victim held without bail

Suspect who kept baggies of hair from teen victim held without bail
John DiGeronimo

I originally posted about 60-year-old John DiGeronimo back in March. His is a twisted tale of predatory behavior at a level that I’ve rarely read about.

As a quick summary, DiGeronimo met an underage girl online. The girl was from a South Carolina suburb of Charlotte, North Carolina. DiGeronimo would allegedly make 400+ mile trips from his home in Alexandria, Virginia to ‘have sex’ with the victim. The victim was 14 when this ‘relationship’ began. Again, I use the sarcasm quotes because it’s essentially child rape.

The victim is said to have ended the relationship back in January which allegedly prompted DiGeronimo to make at least one more trip to the victim’s home where he is said to have stolen back gifts that he gave to the victim. When police in Alexandria searched DiGeronimo’s apartment, they reportedly found ziplock baggies with hair labeled in the name of the victim. Let that settle in for a while.

Anyway, when I first posted about DiGeronimo, it was reported that he met his victim on Snapchat. Now, WBTV out of Charlotte is reporting that DiGeronimo may have met his victim on everyone’s favorite random cam chat site, Omegle. You know the one, “Talk to Strangers” and all that. WBTV, calls Omegle an app but we know better don’t we?

This past Wednesday, a South Carolina circuit judge ruled that DiGeronimo be held without bail. He is looking at a possible life sentence after being charged with 132 counts of various crimes against his victim including criminal sexual conduct, stalking, and sexual exploitation of a minor.

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