Sex offender charged with trying to buy kids off of craigslist

Sex offender charged with trying to buy kids off of craigslist
David Kemp

36-year-old David Kemp of Rural Retreat, Virginia is a registered sex offender in the Old Dominion. Kemp allegedly responded to a craigslist ad that said “young mama bear in town/ N town for a getaway with the little cubs. Looking for family-friendly playtime.”

In case you couldn’t crack the code, the ad purports to be from a woman who is turning out her kids for sex.

Now, even I have to take a moment to wonder if this was shoddy reporting or intentional obfuscation but it’s never mentioned who exactly placed this ad. One could assume the ad was placed by law enforcement, however, both articles I found about the arrest keep that detail incredibly vague.

Anyway, Kemp allegedly responded to the ad and found out that the ages of the children were 11 and 14. Kemp reportedly offered $250 for the 14-year-old.

Kemp set up a meeting in the parking lot of an adult bookstore in Ghent, West Virginia which is about an hour’s drive but does cross state borders. Waiting for him in the parking lot were officers of the West Virginia State Police. According to one report, Kemp arrived at the scene but soon left. Troopers eventually pulled over Kemp and arrested him.

At the time of his arrest, Kemp allegedly told investigators that he was only there to see if the situation was real and report it to police.

Even with the questionable reporting and laughable claim of private investigation, let’s assume the story is accurate. Craigslist is one of the many real places where child trafficking is taking place and it has been for years. It may have slowed down in recent years due to craigslist closing many of its more illicit sections but it does still exist on their platform. This ad was probably placed on the ‘missed connections’ section since it’s the only ‘adult’ section of craigslist left.

Also, just because this may have been a police sting, that doesn’t mean that real people aren’t selling their own children for sex online. It happens more often than you think. It’s not being done by a Satan-worshiping cabal of blood-drinking Deep State agents. It’s actually being done by those who are looking to make money and don’t care at whose expense it is.

UPDATE 5/10/2021: Last week, Kemp pleaded guilty to patronizing a victim of sex trafficking. He’s looking at a potential 15 years in prison when he’s sentenced in early July.

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  1. For the articles I have read about these types of stings, the perpetrator makes in person contact and tries to complete the transaction, before they are arrested. His admission that he was the one who initiated the meeting might be enough.

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