The Watchlist: Society Kills

No news tonight so it’s time for another episode of The Watchlist. To refresh your memory The Watchlist is a catalog of websites that either praise, worship or sympathize the Columbine killers Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold. I download them and save them to not only to let parents, law enforcement, and anyone else know that kids and possibly even adults like this actually exist but to also serve the mutants a warning that they are being watched.

Tonight’s Watchlist site brings us this little morsel…

This is Eric Harris and below, although just as worthy, Dylan Klebold. A few years ago, I’m sure you’ve heard, Martyrs Eric and Dylan went to thier school at columbine and began a killing spree. Sometimes labelled as “evil” or “bad” or “monsters” by a people addicted to myths and lies, they revealed some powerful Truths, both at home and at Columbine. There was absolutely nothing “wrong”, “evil” or “insane” about thier mass murder actions. They were a reflection of Eric and Dylan’s True-Realities, and society has the responsibility on its shoulders.

On that site there are similar tributes to Ted Bundy, Charles Manson, The Green River Killer, Timothy McVeigh, and Jeffrey Dahmer. Most with the same running theme that “society” is to blame. I guess we’re supposed to stop society before it kills again.

They were not martyrs. They were cowards that are responsible for their own actions but didn’t have the guts to face the consequences for their own actions.

Remember parents, this could be your kid. Hell it could even be your spouse.

You have been served noticed. You are being watched.

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