Alleged child rapist posts rapey Facebook status

Robert Nickson
Robert Nickson

Man arrested after posting pictures of 14-year-old fiancé on Facebook:

Mr. “The earrings don’t distract from the receding hairline” is 27-year-old Robert Nickson of the Philadelphia, PA. area. It seems that Mr. Nickson has a fiancée. The problem is that she’s 14. Being the genius that he obviously looks like Nickson allegedly posted on his Facebook that he was engaged to his 14-year-old fiancée.

When questioned the girl said that they had sex on multiple occasions. Nickson allegedly said that he knew it was illegal but didn’t think he would be caught. You know, except for that whole posting it on his Facebook thing.

I wondered how anyone could not only be that much of a degenerate but also be that stupid until I found his Myspace. It turns out he’s a Juggalo which explains everything.

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