Third suspect in Raul Brasil School shooting arrested again; once said his greatest dream was to commit a school shooting

Third suspect in Raul Brasil School shooting arrested again

Earlier this week, the third suspect who was believed to involved in the Raul Brasil School shooting in Sao Paulo, Brazil has been arrested again. This time he’s been held in custody. While the suspect had been previously released, investigators claim they have found evidence that the 17-year-old male was not only involved but may have been one of the masterminds of the plot.

Some of that evidence is said to include text messages sent to the actual attackers and that the former student of the school once submitted a written assignment where he allegedly said his greatest wish was to commit a school shooting. I’d be curious to know how the school and the troglodyte’s parents handled this at the time. Currently, the suspect is being held for 45 days in a juvenile facility while police continue their investigation.

It makes me wonder if this suspect is the actual mastermind behind the attack and got the two actual assailants to do the dirty work for him. If that does turn out to be the case that would be the ultimate act of cowardice in a decades-long line of cowardly school shooters.

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