WI craigslist creeper did not miss his connection with police

WI craigslist creeper did not miss his connection with police
Michael Hannan

As I have been saying, just because craigslist got rid of its personals and casual encounters sections doesn’t mean that the creepers have left. And once again we have another example.

53-year-old Michael Hannan of Eau Claire, Wisconsin, allegedly placed an on craigslist for “companionship needed”. Police from nearby Altoona responded to the ad posing as a 14-year-old girl. Plans were made to meet at a local mini-mart where Hannan was arrested.

So does anyone care to take a guess which section of craigslist Hannan is said to have posted his ad? That’s right. It was the Missed Connections section. This was the section of craigslist where the lovelorn can post about their missed opportunity with someone they thought they had a chance with but didn’t seize the moment. Even before the removal of craigslist’s personals I thought Missed Connections was kind of stalkerish. Now, it’s even creepier as all the craigslist predators have moved to the Missed Connections section.

To no one’s surprise, craigslist is still doing nothing about monitoring this section.

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